Shipping’s Big Skills Debate

The human element is often surprisingly absent from industry debate. The shiny and the new tend to hog the headlines, such as the lure (or is it the siren call?) of autonomous shipping. But our reliance on the people that power the industry receives far less attention.
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For those in peril on the sea

Awareness days are a regular feature in the communications calendar and provide a valuable opportunity to bring important issues to a wider audience. Some dates need little reminder, such as 11th November, when the guns fell silent to signal the end of the First World War. Adopted by many countries around the world as Remembrance Day, it commemorates the fallen of the world wars and other conflicts.
Merchant seafarers of all nations have always found themselves in harm’s way in time of conflict, from the trawler men assigned to minesweeping to the carrier and tanker crews carrying vital food and minerals. Crew nationalities were as cosmopolitan in wartime as they are today. The sea does not seek a passport from those consigned to spend eternity in its depths. Few sectors can rival seafaring for its international blend, from the engine room to the board room, and from operation to ownership. As BLUE thrives on communicating ideas across international boundaries, we are proud that this diversity is reflected in our client base, which spans 14 countries. As Remembrance Day approaches, we pause to remember “those in peril on the sea” of all nations who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Twitter: @BLUECOMMS
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