Shipping’s Big Skills Debate

The human element is often surprisingly absent from industry debate. The shiny and the new tend to hog the headlines, such as the lure (or is it the siren call?) of autonomous shipping. But our reliance on the people that power the industry receives far less attention.
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Are Organisations in the Marine Industry Exploiting the Power of Brand?

There has been significant change in the perceived importance of brand within the shipping and related industries over the past ten years, and the requirement to communicate with an organisation’s key stakeholders. This decade has spanned a period of unprecedented economic turbulence, downward regulatory pressure, low freight rates, and little liquidity – and yet, we have seen many companies within the industry invest more extensively in marketing and communications. (more…)
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Why evaluating PR success is an essential ongoing process

This fourth quarter of the year sees many shipping and energy professionals developing strategies and planning budgets for 2018. For those responsible for a roster of projects and suppliers, the final three months of the year are a natural time to reflect, summarise results for the year so far, and reaffirm priorities. (more…)
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